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If newer white spots develop, is it vitiligo?

Q: I am a 14 years old boy. A white spot has suddenly appeared between my neck and chest. It is a small one (may be 2 mm). I am so worried about it. All the GP doctors say it is a fungal one but two specialists say it is vitiligo. Does vitiligo start with a small white spot? I have the same spot on the front of my right thigh. It has been like that for a month and since two weeks I feel the colour of my skin (under the right eye) is becoming slightly white. Would that be vitiligo? What should I do about it? Do you think it might appear all over the body? Is there any treatment before it gets bigger? Please help me as me and my family are so worried about it. My doctor didn't give me anything for it, he just said I shouldn't be under the sun.

A:If new spots are appearing, on different areas, then it is probably VITILIGO. Oral treatment with either Levamisole/steroids will help to control the spread. Topical treatment would be with steroids and/or Psoralens but all this would have to be under medical supervision.


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