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If my uric acid levels are high, do I have gout?

Q: It was discovered about a year back that my uric acid level is 7.0mg/dl. For one year I did not go for any treatment as there was no pain anywhere and the blood uric acid level was found unchanged by a blood test done recently. I am 40y and over weight by about 17kg. I am also asthmatic since last 30 years and take regular Serflo 125 inhalers and antiallergic medicines such as Cetrazine tablets, actifed etc. Recently, I started getting a burning sensation in my left big toe joint, hence I became serious about the matter. Since the last 3 weeks I have cut down on food items containing high protein level. I would appreciate if you could please advise me what fruits and vegetables should I avoid? Is Whisky or any other alcohol based drink okay for me, if taken within limits? Do you suggest any exercises?

A:From your description, it does not appear that you have gout. However, it is obvious that your uric acid is in the top normal range. Obesity and high uric acid level go together. This is typical of a sedentary life-style combined with the problem of overweight. My dietary advice would be to take plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid red-meat and seafood. Alcohol should be best avoided. You should focus on losing weight. You may consult with a dietician about how to achieve that safely. Aerobic exercises will be highly recommended. Please get BP and sugar checked to rule out hypertension and diabetes because your risk is higher than average for these two conditions.


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