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I want to get rid of itching, what should be done?

Q: I am unable to get rid of my itching problem which is there since the last one year. I have consulted many doctors. Three months back I was in MP where this problem started so I consulted many doctors in that region. Now I am in Pune and the situation is getting worse. I have taken cetrezin hydrochloride, osthocalcium, sapmax, grisovin fp but I didn't get full relief. Due to this I am at my wits end, please suggest what should I do?

A:You don't say whether your itching is accompanied by any skin rash, or what investigations, eg blood tests, including liver and thyroid function, dermatological assessment, etc., you have had. Scabies is a frequent cause of intense itching, and needs to be ruled out. If no cause is found, keeping the skin well hydrated with, for example, aqueous cream, possibly with 1% menthol, can help if the skin is dry, as in older patients. Don't give up on antihistamines just because cetirizine hasn't worked. Fexofenadine, acrivastine or loratadine may work better for you, and at night chlorpheniramine or hydroxyzine are often effective.


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