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I think I have become impotent, what should I do?

Q: I am suffering from impotency from the last 2 years. On erection I tied a knot on my penis and left it for 10-15 minutes. Soon after that I started having a sticky discharge from the penis even on slightest erection. Later I found some rashes on the penis. Over these two years I started having erection problems and now I have completely gone impotent. I also suffer from terrible shivering of the body in cold weather. One day I was coming from a friends place in a very depressive mood. My motorcycle went over a pothole. On that bump I experienced a sharp pain under my left ribcage. By the time I reached home I had a terrible dripping cold. I took medicines for cold and the condition was cured. After that incident my whole body started shaking whenever I ventured out in cold weather. On slightest bumps I experienced pain on that same spot. I also had a tooth infection at that time.

A:Tell me if you are married. How do you define impotence? Your concept of impotence may not be right. Only rare men think that everything is OK with them as far as sex is concerned. Most men will want a better performance than what they have. The sticky discharge is normal. It is body's preparation for sex whenever you think of it. There is hardly a man who is completely impotent as you say. You have to tell me how often you have morning erections? How many times you fail to get erection when you want it? Penis does not obey your orders - it needs stimulation- not only physical but also imagination, anticipation, thrill, love etc. If you are preoccupied with your job, work, or any stress, you will not think much of sex, and then you feel lack of drive. Your penis will never remind you of sex. You have to indulge in it. You can see a physician for your pain in the chest. Anti-inflammatory medicines should help.


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