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I suffer from Spondylosis, what to do?

Q: My X-ray LS spine (Lat. flexion & extension) shows: -Loss of lumbar lordosis -Spondylolysis at L5 grade 1 spondylolisthesis L5 over S1 -Osteophytes seen involving lumbar vertebrae -Aortic calcification noted Can you please suggest some medicines for this and advise regarding exercise? Should a support belt be worn permanently for 24 hrs?

A:You have only given me your X-ray findings. You have not mentioned anything about your symptoms, your age or your occupation. Treatment is never suggested based on X-ray findings. Treatment is based on patients complaints, clinical findings and the result of investigations. I cannot suggest any medicines unless I know the symptoms. The exercises that are normally suggested for spondylolisthesis are usually different from those for spondylosis or disc prolapse. We call them flexion exercises for the back. Brace is not routinely indicated unless the patient has pain on standing or walking. Any way, it is better to do exercises than get dependent on braces.


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