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I met with an accident and hurt my back, what to do?

Q: I am a 20 year old male, and I had an accident 5 months back, in which I had fallen off my bike and fell directly on my buttocks on a slanting road. At first the x-rays didn't show anything so I had an MRI 2 months later. The result of the MRI was: Compression of upper end plate of D11 vertebral body with marrow oedema and mild similar changes in D8/9/10/12. Right Par-central posterior disc herniation of D8-D9 is causing compression on the thecal sac, cord & right sided nerve root. L5 vertebra appears to be partly sacralised. After this I had an EMG/NCV test which suggested bilateral L5 & S1 radiculopathy. I have been taking pelvic tractions of 30 pounds & spinal extension exercise for over 2 months now but it doesn't seem to affect anything, the pain in my back has gotten worse now and my legs have a strange pulling sensation. My question is what should I do now - should I continue my tractions which doesn't seem to have any effect? If my doctor recommends surgery should I go for it, if yes can you please explain to me the risks involved? And what is the procedure of the surgery? What does "L5 vertebrae appears to be sacralised" mean?

A:Your MRI findings and EMG findings do not correlate. You need to undergo a detailed clinical examination particularly of your muscle power, reflexes, and sensation in lower limbs. Regarding sacralisation of L5 vertebra, the lowermost vertebra in the back is partially fused with the spine in the pelvic region and might lead to nerve root compression in some people. Consult your orthopaedician with all reports for clinical evaluation and review. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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