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I have damaged my knee ligament, what to do?

Q: I am a 17 year, 6ft 3inches male. I had a small operation where the excess fluid from my knee was taken out. Thereafter my knee was properly bandaged so that there was no scope for infection but after my bandage was opened my muscles shrank and I did not get the power back in my left knee. I couldn't run or put any strain on my left knee. Then the doctor advised me to undergo physiotherapy and it has been 1 year but to no avail. Then some days back my doctor suggested an MRI and this is the MRI report: Multiplanar, multiecho MR of left knee joint was performed. 3D-DESS sequence was obtained in the sagittal plane. Both menisci show normal anatomy and signal characteristics. No abnormal signal noted within the menisci. There is irregularity with mild increased signal intensity involving the mid substance of posterior cruciate ligament possibly due to old partial thickness tear. The anterior cruciate ligament is normal. No evidence of any increased signal intensity is seen from ACL. No evidence of any accessory ligaments are seen. Both medial and lateral collateral ligaments are normal in size and signal intensity. No evidence of any collection seen in immediate vicinity of the ligaments. The joint capsule appears intact. There is minimal fluid in suprapatellar bursae. No evidence of any capsular or synovial thickening is seen. No abnormal signal intensity noted in the articular cartilage. Bones surrounding the knee joint show normal anatomy and marrow signal characteristics. Patella is normal. Muscles and subcutaneous tissues appear normal. Impression: MRI of left knee reveals irregular contour with mild increased signal intensity from the mid substance posterior cruciate ligament possibly due to old partial thickness tear. The menisci, collateral ligaments and the periarticular bones reveal normal signal intensity. I would be very grateful if you can help. I am deeply into cricket and now I am not being able to play it because I cant run fast i.e. sprint because of the weakness I feel in my knee.

A:Your symptom and an MRI finding could easily fit into the MRI diagnosis of an injury to ligament inside the joint. If the diagnosis of the cruciate ligament is indeed correct. You will be able to manage your routine work if it is sedentary in nature. However, if you need to move around and participate in athletic activities and sports you may need reconstruction for the damaged ligament. I would recommend you get in touch with an arthroscopic surgeon who specifically deals with the cruciate ligaments. There are many arthroscopic surgeons who do predominantly removal of or repair of the cartilage. There will be some who repair the anterior cruciate ligament. However, there will be very few who do repair of posterior cruciate ligament. As a sports person you deserve the best. Therefore, I would recommend you to do a little home work and get to a doctor who specifically deals with repair of cruciate ligaments.


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