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I had a knee dislocation 2 years back, why do I have pain now?

Q: Two years back while playing football, I dislocated my knee. I was treated in hospital and the doctors took all my fluid out from my knee. In the past months or so my knee feels dry and painful. It does not feel the same as my left knee. My knee is painful and feels like my muscles are strained and tightened. I would like your opinion.

A:If there was a complete dislocation of the knee, then most likely you had bicruciate injury or injury to anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. If there was a partial dislocation, one of the cruciate ligament may be still functioning. Its difficult to say unless an examination or investigational study is done. If your knee is symptomatic, then you should first regain your range of motion through physical therapy, strengthen your muscles and then have ligament reconstruction done - that is the best scenario of restoring the normal anatomy. However any associated injuries like tear in the meniscus or articular cartilage surface will definitely influence the outcome the natural history of a dislocated knee (without any intervention) is early onset of arthritis or instability.


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