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I feel my ears are always blocked, why is this so?

Q: I have some problem with my right ear. I have a feeling that my right ear is always blocked. I have absolutely no problem hearing or experience any pains. But the feeling itself is uncomfortable and I repeatedly keep blowing my nose to get rid of the discomfort. Now this has become a habit. I have also consulted an ENT specialist who found no problem but advised Aquamet Nasal Spray. Even after using it for a long time, there seems to be no difference. I am presently employed out of India and cannot see a doctor here due to financial constraints. Can you please suggest some medicines to get rid of this problem?

A:If the ear has been seen by an ENT surgeon, and there is no wax, and it is not popping despite using a spray, and steam inhalation, and popping ears by blowing nose, there does not seem to be any significant problem. In case an audiometry and tympanometry has been done, it would help to know the results. Otherwise, you can try using olive oil as drops, this will get rid of any wax.


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