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I broke my collar bone last year, can I do weight lifting?

Q: I had an accident on a motorcycle in which I broke my left collar bone. I recovered two months later after doing what the doctor had asked me to do - to lay straight as much as possible. Now its been close to 1.5 years and I don't feel anything at all (no pain of any kind). And being 19 years old I am very much interested in body building and heavy gym. Should I keep myself from weight lifting or should I feel free to do it?

A:A collar bone fracture usually heals within 6 weeks. So, you can go ahead and start the training program you want to. But, there is also a word of caution. Fractures can be notorious and can raise unwanted pains at odd times when under strain. I would suggest you get the muscle power and shoulder movements of both your shoulders checked by a physiotherapist and only when the muscle power of both your shoulders is same, should you start your training.


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