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I am unable to reach an orgasm?

Q: I got married last year and my sexual life has not been satisfactory as I don't ejaculate in a natural/normal way during intercourse. I get a normal erection but the moment I penetrate, I sometimes lose a bit of erection but 90 times out of 100, I am able to satisfy my wife (she reaches her orgasm) but I never ejaculate. Thereafter in order to satisfy my urge I masturbate to ejaculate. Since my teens till marriage, I had been masturbating regularly with a high frequency and till date, every time I masturbate, I ejaculate no matter even if the frequency is as high as three times a day. During the entire process of intercourse, I usually get exhausted and very tired.

A:You say that your sex life has not been satisfactory - at the same time, you are also saying that you are able to satisfy your wife 90% times. That is a very good performance. May be, you need to spend more time on fore-play so that you are able to ejaculate when your wife reaches orgasm. Do not worry. There does not seem to be a problem with your sex life. Do not become anxious. Anxiety can spoil your sexual performance.


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