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I am unable to control my sexual desires at work, what should I do?

Q: I am a software engineer. I joined a private company a year back. I have many girl friends, though I have no sex experience. While in the office, if I touch any girl, I lose my control. Semen from my penis get ejected automatically. I want to avoid this situation. I am not able to concentrate on my work. This is the major disturbance in my life. Please help me.

A:Sexual feelings/urges at this age are normal and healthy. Don't fight with it. If you fight against nature, you will only fail. Accept your sexuality. It is natural and normal. More you suppress, more it will bother you! Look at it in a matter of fact manner. Don't feel angry, guilty or self-condemnatory towards yourself. More you resist and fight, it will bother you more and more. Accept yourself with your feelings and relaxation will descend on you slowly. Fighting with ‘nature’ will only make it worse. There are no medicines that can kill your natural sexual feelings. What you have noticed as coming out of your penis on arousal/excitement is most likely to be “pre-cum” and not semen. It is normal and natural for pre-cum to ooze out whenever you are sexually aroused. The pre-cum better known as ‘Pre-ejaculatory fluid’ comes from the “bulbo-urethral glands” located at the base of the penis shaft. It serves the purpose of lubrication during intercourse.


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