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I am suffering with sacroilitis, will I be able to conceive again?

Q: I am 27 years old and my daughter is 26 months old. This is my second child and the first one passed away on the 2nd day of his life. So, I had two normal deliveries in just 13 months gap. I have been diagnosed to have sacroilitis on the right side. This makes it impossible for me to lie on my back if I do so for more than 20 minutes then I just get locked in that position. I am a resident of Chennai and I consulted in Apollo & Devaki hospital. The doctors say that I have to be cured on my own. Also Physiotherapy seems to aggravate the pain. I want to have another baby sometime before I am 34 years old. Some other Rheumatologist told me to take some sulpha drugs and not to stop them and also advised against another child. But I am mentally shattered to hear this. My second kid is perfectly normal & healthy. Please do understand me and help me.

A:Sacroilitis can occur as a part of various conditions. Foremost in consideration would be seronegative spond-arthritis. It is a condition which generally occurs in young males but can affect females too. There may be a family history of young individuals with backache or arthritis involving joints below the waist. There may be associated skin or bowel problems. A genetic marker-HLA B27 may be present in many patients. Other possible conditions include infection of the sacroiliac joint by tuberculosis or brucellosis. These conditions are generally accompanied by low fever and a raised ESR. Tuberculosis is likely to be associated with a positive mantoux test. It's important to first differentiate between these conditions. Effective treatment exists for all of them and I see no reason for you to despair.


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