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I am facing terrible heel pain, what to do?

Q: I watched your programme on care of feet. I have a calcanial spur on my right foot. I get terrible pain every day. I wear soft padding in my shoes but of it is of no use. Can you recommend some cheap remedy which will not pinch my pocket too much?

A:Your aim to relieve morning pain can be achieved only by taking off the irritating focus of the strain of weight bearing. Attempt to walk on your toes when you get up in the morning or after long sitting. Exercises to your intrinsic muscles in warm water in the morning before initiating weight bearing are useful in lessening the morning pain. Strengthening exercises for the intrinsic muscles are sustained toe curling. These exercises should be done several times a day. Holding contacted position inside the shoe several times a day is very effective provided it is done at frequent intervals within the level of discomfort. Slow barefoot walking on the lateral border of the foot with cupping of the foot with curling of toes is effective. You need to get an appropriate wedge in the shoe. This will help in lessening the angle between the hind foot and the fore foot and relax the strain on the plantar fascia. This is done by adjusting the height of the heel to a minimum level where the pain disappears. So instead of the normal heel pad you have, get one made for your foot from an orthotist. Any physiotherapy department of any hospital in your town will be able to guide you on this.


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