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I am a hydrotic ectodermal patient, can I go for hair transplantation?

Q: I am a hydrotic ectodermal patient due to which there are no hair on my head. The hair available are just like normal body hair and very sparse and brown in colour. Is it possible for me to undergo hair transplantation? If this is not affordable or possible, can I borrow hair from some one and go for the hair weaving treatment? My schooling is about to be over and I am entering college. I want to give myself a presentable appearance to avoid embarrassment. I don't want to be a laughing stock in front of other students. What is a suitable alternative for my baldness?

A:I have read about your problem, and I sorry for this unfortunate abnormality. There is no scope for hair transplantation in a patient like you, for there are no donor hair. If you want to get hair on your hair, then the options available are only using artificial hair. One is to use a wig which is an easy and cheap option. It works well. The other option is to get Hair Implantation. This is a technique where strands of artificial hair are implanted in the bald area. These are fixed in length, and do not grow, but are a decent camouflage for a person who does not have any hair.


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