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Hypothyroidism and weight gain

Q: I am a case of Hypothyroidism for about 20 years. Occasionally, the body weight increases even without altering food intake. TSH recently taken was slightly on the higher side i.e. 6.00. I am 52 years engaged in an official job. After doing physical exercise also the weight did not reduce. Currently I am on 1 and 1/2 Eltroxin every day on an empty stomach. Kindly advise how to get rid of this problem.

A:How regular are you in taking the Thyroxin? Do you take it first thing in the morning, and remain empty stomach for about 25-30 minutes after taking it? Are you taking any iron/ calcium/ soya preparations, and if so, are you spacing them about 8 hours away from the thyroxin? Was the TSH test done from a reliable lab? These are some of the factors which can cause a higher than normal TSH. If you are careful about all these factors, then you may want to increase your dose marginally, say to 167 mcg per day (1 tab of 100 mcg, + 1 tab of 50 mcg, + 1/2 tab of 25 mcg), in consultation with your doctor. Your obesity is clearly not due to the hypothyroidism, since a TSH of 6 is really borderline. Physical exercise cannot be done for just a few weeks or months: it has to become a permanent part of your lifestyle, on a daily basis, for a sufficient time each day. You may also consult a good dietician to take a detailed diet history and guide you about making the right diet choices: again, not go on a diet, but make changes to become part of your lifestyle permanently. Eg increase intake of fruits and salads, drink plenty of water, etc.


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