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How to treat vitiligo

Q: I am 20 years and have been suffering from vitiligo since I was 12yrs old. I took PUVA therapy for one and half year. As I found some pigmentation, my doctor Dr. Somani suggested to take bath PUVA where I used to apply melanosil lotion and exposed to uv-rays for 11 min. After shifting to bath PUVA, I found patches reappearing almost in all areas with some patches expanding. I request you to suggest me the best treatment for these reappearing patches or should I think there is no remedy for this and END UP MY LIFE at this age.

A:I can appreciate your concern about your illness, vitiligo, but there is no reason to feel so despondent about it. There are several forms of treatment available for vitiligo though I accept that PUVA is by far the most reliable in my experience. I think you should go back to your dermatologist and I am confident he should be able to suggest something that is more appropriate for you. I must caution you that some patients and some patches take longer than others to recover but this is no reason to give up hope. There are a certain number of patients whose patches do reappear after good response. This is what seems to have happened in your case. I think you should pause for a minute and seriously consider whether this is enough cause for ending ones life. There are any number of highly successful people who suffer from vitiligo. Take courage and keep trying the treatment that your dermatologist prescribes.


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