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How to treat viral warts on the head?

Q: A year back, I got some boils on my head. The doctor told me it was boils. He prescribed Becosule. The boils have increased now and I consulted another doctor who said that they are viral warts and have to be removed by liquid nitrogen (cryo). He also said that they couldn't be treated by medicine. Another doctor said that if they are removed, they will spread and prescribed Antox. I have about 8 warts on the head and 2 warts on the neck. Please advise.

A:Viral warts can be very troublesome and spread rapidly. When on the scalp they can get traumatised while combing the hair and get secondarily infected with bacteria. The best solution will be to get them all removed in one sitting either by using liquid nitrogen or electrocautery. This is a very simple procedure, which is done by all qualified dermatologists. I strongly recommend that you meet a dermatologist and get your warts removed. There is a chemical called imiquimod that can be applied topically. But the results are not always successful.


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