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How to treat tremors?

Q: I am a 29 years old man working as a secretary and use a computer daily for 8 hours. I smoke 8-10 cigarettes daily and drink some times (2-3 pegs 2-3 times a week). My problem is, my hand and fingers are shivering very lightly, example if I point my finger, I can see that my finger is shivering; if I lift or hold any thing very hard my hand will shiver badly. One year ago I checked my blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid which are all normal. Can you tell me sir, why this is happening? Any possible desease? How can I solve this problem?

A:You are describing a condition known as tremors in medical terminology which means the shaking of fingers and rarely other parts. Causes for this condition are very many and it is not possible to discuss these by e-mail. I suggest you consult a local medical specialist as you may need investigations.


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