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How to treat severe dandruff?

Q: I am 23 years old. For the past 5 years I have been suffering from severe dandruff. I have consulted so far atleast 5 dermatologists. I have not switched during the treatment period. I have tried all shampoos / medicines (Nizoral, Scalpe, Flucos, Fongitor) prescribed by the dermatologists. No one seems to have a solution for this dandruff. They indirectly tell me there is no permanent solution for this. For controlling also I am not finding a a suitable medicine. I will be extremely happy if you can provide me a solution for this. I have used each of these medicines for a longer time than you would expect. I have maintained the prescription period.

A:I must explain the situation with regard to dandruff. In many situations dandruff is almost a normal thing since people do not necessarily wash their hair frequently enough. Mild dandruff is thus a normal thing to be seen in a percentage of people. Severe dandruff does need attention, however. I do not know what and how you have used your shampoos but that may not be only method of treating dandruff. Also there are certain other diseases that can be mistaken for dandruff. I do not think you should get so despondent and would suggest that you go back to one of your dermatologists to be seen again. I hope you will be well soon.


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