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How to treat Molluscum Contagiosum skin infection?

Q: I am an Indian expatriate residing in Malaysia. My daughter, now 9 months old, developed one Molluscum contagiosum viral boil just under the nose when she was 7 months old. We consulted a skin doctor who broke it with forceps and that boil disappeared. Within two weeks, five more appreared on the nose, which were treated similarly last week. I am afraid whether this treatment is causing it to mulitply; is there any permanent cure for this viral infection which no one in the family has? Will she develope immunity to this when she grows up? Please let me know at the earliest.

A:I can imagine your concern for your daughter suffering from Molluscum contagiosum. Let me assure you that Molluscum Contagiosum is a minor viral infection that infects the skin alone. It is possible to spread from one area to another because of the contagiosity as the name indicates; it less frequently infects other people too. The treatment for the disease lies in physical destruction. We try to destroy the cells by chemical and sometimes electrical cautery. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen would be another effective way of treating the disease. I am confident any dermatologist will be able to look after your child. The question of immunity is uncertain. Some people spontaneously get well but it is advisable to get the lesions destroyed so that the infection does not spread.


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