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How to treat hyperpigmentation of the face?

Q: I am facing the problem of black-eye ring around my eyes and eye-brows. The doctors in Bellary dist. say that I am facing the problem of hyperpigmentation of the face and they advised me to apply UVAB sunscreen cream on the face. At present I am applying the sunscreen UVAB SF of Dr.Reddys. How long one can apply such creams and are there any side effects? After applying this cream the brown-coloured patches on the nose and the chin seem to be disappearing. But the black-eye ring still exists and since my complexion is fair they look prominent. Though I am physically healthy, I feel tired while working with the computers. Please advise or prescribe medication to solve this problem. What steps shpould I take so that my work is not be hamppered. Please also advise regarding sun-screen or any other drug by which the hyperpigmentation can be solved permanently as I have spent a lot of time and money and the problem persists. Awaiting your early reply.

A:It appears that you have two problems: orbital melanosis and melasma. Or you have something else like lichen planus pemphigoides (LPP) etc. It is not possible to make a diagnosis without proper examination. Orbital melanosis can result from stress, lack of sleep, poor general health, familial tendency etc. Except for the familial variety, most others resolve once the cause is corrected. Melasma requires prolonged therapy. Since medicines are giving relief, I suggest you continue with them. Unless the sunscreen itself causes irritation, you can continue it indefinitely.


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