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How to treat fungal infection?

Q: I have fungal infection between my legs and there are black patches which cause severe itching. I did consult a dermatologist and he asked me to apply Candid-B ointment every day which I am doing regularly. Besides, I bathe twice a day and clean my undergarments and dry them in hot sun. Still the infection is in not cured. It is better when I apply the cream but once I stop, the itching recurrs within a few days. This is a big embarrassment for me. Please suggest some medication to pernmently get rid of this infection.

A:I am going by your diagnosis. If you have fungus infection you should not apply Candid-B but only Candid since B stands for the cortisone part of it and you should not continue to use steroid cream in the groin area for long periods. The important part is not that you bathe yourself twice but whether you keep the area dry and wear loose garments for aeration to take place. You could additionally sprinkle lightly Candid powder and apply it with your palms. Please continue the treatment for about a week after all seems well.


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