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How to treat food poisoning?

Q: Are Giddiness, nausea and vomitting a symptom of allergic reaction to prawns? Is it restricted to a particular variety of prawns or in general? Will giddiness be present only when lying on the back? What the normal symptoms and remedies. I had the above symptoms the next day morning after eating some prawns in a restaurent. Though I have eaten prawns before this is the first time im going through such an allergic reaction. Though I felt weak I felt more giddy when lying on my back and right side. This persisted only for an hour (in the morning) after which I had mild headache.

A:The timing of your reaction after eating prawns suggests food poisoning rather than allergy. Vomiting and giddiness (usually worse on standing or sitting up), can be part of an allergic reaction to food, often accompanied by hives (nettle rash) or breathing problems, but in the case of an allergy such symptoms would be likely to start within minutes, or a couple of hours at the most), of eating the food concerned. Blood tests (IgE RAST) or skin-prick tests could confirm whether there is really a problem with prawn allergy.


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