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How to treat boils in genital area?

Q: For the past two months after onset of winter I am suffering from small boils in the lower abdomen area above genitals and below navel. The boils appear one by one, get ripe with pus formation and are yellow in colour. They are very small in size (less than a cm), do not itch or cause any pain or discomfort. Without any problem they burst and after a day or two a new one appears nearby. I have tried lotion Candiderma but it is of no help.

A:The usual cause of pustular eruptions is bacteria. As your problem is not coming under control, discuss with your Dermatologist. Determine (by investigations) if your disorder is due to bacteria and if so, find out its drug sensitivity followed by the predisposing factors. If it is not bacterial in origin, then other disorders will have to be considered and appropriate measures taken.


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