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How to treat a broken coccyx?

Q: I broke my coccyx 3 years ago. I have tried injections but wasn't happy with the results. What do you think of RFA for a more permanent way to treat this? It is bent forward and hurts when I sit or go on to a standing position. Please help?

A:Persistent pain in the coccyx is a fairly common symptom. Most of the times it is a persistent problem and difficult to treat. There may be a history of injury however, this is not necessary. Often patients attribute the onset of symptoms to an episode of fall. But once pain is initiated for some reason it continues. The most important thing in management of such cases is to ensure that there is no local infection or no other primary problem like a tumour (growth). Therefore, in intractable cases it is wiser to get an X-ray and or an MRI but these are not always necessary and a good history and an X-ray may be all that is required. Steroids, though frequently used for this condition, have a small risk associated with their use. There is a higher risk of infection. To avoid pain you could always take some pain killers and injections as a last resort. Best way to avoid pressure coming down to the sacral bone is to sit between two cushions or avoid pressure on this region when you are sitting. You need to continue this medicine for pain for three to four weeks. I would not recommend any other intervention.


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