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How to manage weight gain after delivery?

Q: I am 37 years old and weigh 85 kg. I married 9 1/2 years back and my weight then was 54 kg. I conceived within a month of my marriage but I aborted as a result of which I developed secondary infertility for four years. I underwent a minor laparoscopic surgery at a nursing home for my fallopian tubes as the left tube was blocked. I delivered a healthy baby six years ago. My weight was 90 kg during the pregnancy and the baby was 3.5 kg. I never lost weight after this. During the pregnancy I suffered from heavy swelling and wherever I had any wound, water used to discharge from it continuously. Throughout the pregnancy I did not sleep more than 2-4 hrs a day but never felt tired. I could not breast feed the baby though. Since my marriage i suffer from the following: a) Heavy itching all over the body with small swellings b) Weight gain of 12 kg in the first year c) Severe UTI infection d) Excessive anger, which is uncontrollable especially during periods e) Weight gain continues inspite of having only one meal f) Complete facial change- no similarity to my earlier self g) presently - severe pain in lower pelvic region and shooting pain in back from lower to the upper region i) Breasts are growing very fast (every two months) I don't know from where to start my treatment - thyroid, kidney or gynaecology. Please advise.

A:I feel you should consult a good gynaecologist along with a good general physician. They will get diabetes as well as thyroid disorders ruled out when getting you evaluated. If the lower leg pain is not due to a pelvic infection, then you may need an MRI of the spinal cord and a neurosurgical/orthopaedic opinion. In the meantime, start eating sensibly: a balanced diet,with no missed meals, taking plenty of fruits, salads, enough cereal and dals, and sufficient low fat milk. Once any serious spinal problem is ruled out, get as much exercise as you can manage comfortably: e.g. start with short bouts of gentle exercise for a few minutes each, then increase the time and intensity very gradually. Taking one meal a day will not help you lose weight, but will certainly make you cranky, unhappy, and too tired to exercise, so you may actually end up gaining weight.


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