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How to manage Viral thyroiditis?

Q: I had written earlier about my thyroiditis. I got my scan done at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and it was found that I have viral thyroiditis. I was put on Calpol: 1-1-1 for ten days and then 1-1 for another 10 days and about 30 tabs of Stresscap vitamins one tab-a-day. The treatment is over and my body temp is now under control (i.e. around 97.75 F) and weight is no longer reducing but stable. I have the following questions: 1] How & why does viral thyroiditis occur and what causes it? 2} The chances of recurrance. 3] Was the treatment alright? 4} What is the total period of viral thyroiditis. 5} When should I retest the T3-T4 test and other thyroid test? 6] I have been doing my routine and business activity. Do I need to take rest or can I continue as usual? 7} Any article to read on viral thyroiditis on the internet or doctorndtv etc?

A:1] Viral thyroiditis is a presumptive diagnosis of thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid gland) as part of a viral infection: you have not mentioned the exact report of the scan, but I presume it showed thyroiditis. In view of your high ESR, and negative antimicrosomal antibody I assume the doctor made this diagnosis by exclusion. 2} Chance of recurrance is unpredictable. 3] The treatment was fine. 4} The duration is unpredictable. 5} You will need to track your thyroid function tests to make sure they are back to normal. If they remain high, you will need anti-thyroid drugs. If they remain normal, just get a TSH done every 6-12 months. 6) Continue your routine as usual. 7}I have found the website of The Thyroid Society for Education & Research useful for reliable general thyroid related information.


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