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How to manage stiffness and pain in the knees?

Q: I am suffering from morning stiffness and occasional pain in right knee. Some time back I was diagnosed as having sub-clinical hypothyroidism and also my VLDL cholesterol was on the higher side. After taking medication Thyrox-50, my odema was reduced. But I still feel lethargic and also suffer from hyper-acidity and constipation. I am very prone to allergies and infection and my feet and palm remains cold. My Rheumatoid factor was also tested several times and sometimes it is positive and at other times negative. Please advise me for any further investigations.

A:In patients with thyroid disease such pains are common. One should not worry about them as long as the thyroid problem is being treated properly. However, if the stiffness becomes severe and there is persistent swelling in any of the joints in the fingers/wrists, then you must consult a RHEUMATOLOGIST (i.e. physicians specializing in the diseases of the joints; not orthopaedic surgeons). By the way, rheumatoid factor is NOT important for making any diagnosis as it is frequently present in normal persons as well as in a number of other diseases. Therefore, you MUST NOT worry about it and DO NOT waste your money on getting this test done.


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