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How to manage spondylosis?

Q: I am a government servant aged 53 years, and have put in tedious 26 years of service. I have developed spondylosis (low back pain) since three years. I am also suffering from diabetes from two years which is hereditary from my father. I am managing both problems by practicing yoga, pranayama, walking and little diet. My actual problem is the L3-L4 and L4-L5 positions are narrowing, and is spreading towards S1 now. I am using Magnetic Lumbar belt. Whenever the back pain is more I will take one capsule - Dolonex 20. Daily I am practicing yoga and pranayama for one hour and fifteen minutes and half an hour walking. My blood sugar is 72 mg when last tested. I am managing this problem also by the above method, and without any allopathy drugs since last about 1 year and 6 months. I feel I need some treatment for my back problem.

A:You have not mentioned anything about how the diagnosis of spondylosis was confirmed. I am presuming that spondylosis is your diagnosis. Spondylosis is the normal aging process of your back and it often presents with back pain. In acute episodes of pain we recommend pain killers, muscle relaxants and activities within limits of pain tolerance. Once the acute pain subsides extension exercises of the back are recommended. These are usually variations of Yoga exercises like sarpasan.


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