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How to manage severe back and leg pain?

Q: I had a nasty fall from my scooter one year back. I lost consciousness for some time after the fall. I was hospitalised and diagnosed for some minor (bruises) injuries. I recovered well to attend my regular duties. Recently (1-2 months) back, I observed severe swelling in my right leg which is not continuous, subsiding very quickly. I am experiencing heavy back pain (near the spinal cord area), problems became worse as I was dragging my right leg due to acute pain. I have severe joint pains on both hands near the prominence on the wrist area. I am unable to get up after sitting on the floor for my routine activities. I often feel weak and experience cramps (tightness) over my entire body. My right side some times feels numb and insensitive to touch. I had consulted many physicians regarding my problem. Some of them suspect it to be GB Syndrome. I live in a very small town with limited medical facilities. I have a normal appetite and I am not a diabetic and have no history of urinary problems. Please kindly suggest the course of action to be taken, doctors to be referred, and medication required.

A:Seems like you have some spine problems which can cause symptoms in your lower leg but cramps and weakness cannot be due to this so there has to be something central. You may need attention from an orthopaedic surgeon for you back problem, and a medical internist for other problems. Pain in the joints can be present in various general conditions and doesn't necessarily point to a particular joint. Treating that specific joint may not solve your problem. Its better to avoid sitting on the floor, especially when you have a back problem. Walking and aerobic exercises are always good. Anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naproxen may help, but consult your family doctor before you start them.


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