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How to manage pneumoconiosis?

Q: My husband was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis. He is taking Azoran 50 and Prednisolone 20 mg from the past 20 days. He is feeling better with reduced breathlessness and increased hunger. He has gained weight as well. He gets dry cough sometimes. What are the side effects of these medicines? Are ayurvedic medicines helpful for this condition? Will the homeopathic medicines help? Can he take ayurvedic medicines along with these tablets to maintain his body resistance? Will the lung fibres reduce? What precautions have to be taken? What kind of diet should he take? What kind of exercises should he do? He goes for walk for 40 minutes.

A:For the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis occupational history of coal dust exposure or some similar dust particles over decades is necessary. Presuming that the dignosis is correct, response to steroids + azoran is limited and depends on the element of ongoing inflammation if fibrosis is already advanced then the response is at best marginal. These medicines certainly have a long list of side effects. No objection for using alternative systems of medicine though I don't think they will help. He can continue his normal diet. Besides the exercises you mentioned he should do deep breathing, breath holding and incentive spirometery (medicizer) exercises.


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