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How to manage pain in the shoulders?

Q: I have been suffering pain in my right shoulder. An orthopaedic surgeon I consulted used the term tendinitis and prescribed some pain killers. The pain did not subside, instead it spread even to my left shoulder. A second specialist doctor made me undergo all tests (sugar, ESR, etc.), including an X-ray and suggested I undergo IFT current in the left hand and some rays passing in the right hand along with medicines. Even after one week of such treatment, the pain still persists, more so, when I sleep. Its true that I have not been regular in carrying out some exercises the doctor suggested, due to overload of work. I would like to know what the real problem is? Is it curable? and what remedies I should be taking? It started off after joining a firm that needs working on computers for almost 8-10 hours a day. Does this have anything to do with the present problem? Will be grateful if you could help.

A:From your history you could be having supra-spinatous tendinitis. However, you have not mentioned whether you have passive restriction of movements of the shoulder. If you have, you could be a case of periarthritis shoulder. In this the passive range of movement goes down. Both these conditions are difficult to treat and often result in painful restriction of movements which lasts for a very long time. There is no way of knowing who will get it and who will not. The disease has a natural history and symptoms subside naturally. Whatever remedies are given only help reduce pain and keep the joints become supple. You are more vulnerable to have these problems if you have an occupation which requires repetitive movements. You could take simple analgesics like paracetamol to reduce pain for the exercises and be on intensive exercises for the shoulder to reduce joint stiffness. You could consult any physiotherapist. You must continue this till nature takes care of healing. Several other interventions are recommended if you do not have relief. They have to be decided only after a clinical evaluation.


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