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How to manage pain due to bad posture?

Q: I have this vertebrae movement at L4 and L5. I get terrible pain as I am a software engineer and am forced to work for long hours sitting. 1) Is there any specific exercises that I should do? 2) Can I do push ups, as advised by the Ayurvedic doctors? 3) Is there any diet control like - no iced or gas based items etc.? And please provide me tips on Do's and Dont's.

A:Your aim should be to achieve maximum correction of the lordotic curve. You can take any form of deep heat for relief of pain. You should not lift weights. Take care of your posture while sitting, standing and sleeping. Maintenance of flexion attitude is important. Exercises which help you to relax and increase the general mobility of the spine should be started first. a) Lie on your back with your knees bent. Pull your stomach in for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times. b) Sit on an arm chair with lower back resting against the back of the chair. Gradually bend forward pulling your stomach in and holding your breath. Try to touch the floor. c) Regularly try and sleep on your stomach. d) You might require a brace for sometime till your spine is developed to bear the strain. I am afraid I would not recommend the exercise you have mentioned. I don't think any diet control is required if you are not overweight.


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