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How to manage pain and swelling in the foot?

Q: My wife is 26 years old and weighs 80 kgs, height 5'3". She walks daily for 4 km. Recently she had pain and swelling in her right foot and she lived with it for almost 20 days and after that she got the X-ray done. It was found that there was a fracture and healing. What should be done now? Can it be left on its own to heal fully or any type of bandage to be provided and any tablets / medication to be given? Please advise.

A:If there were no injury episodes, then your wife has a stress fracture. This is usually in the metatarsals of the forefoot region. If she still has pain, its better to limit weight on that leg. If the radiographs show signs of healing, you can do without a splint. However wearing a shoe would help prevent other injury and movement. If there is swelling, she can wear an elastic wrap or bandage. Pain medication should be taken to control pain.


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