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How to manage hallux valgus?

Q: From the past two years the thumbs of both my feet are bending towards the first foot finger. I am experiencing slight pain and swelling near the thumb from the past two months. Doctor did x-ray for both feet and checked the serum uric acid levels. X-ray report says NAD but the serum uric acid value is 5. Doctor has diagnosed it as hallux valgus. What is meant by hallux valgus? Will this condition deteriorate with time or can it be stopped? Can it be corrected? What techniques can help in this condition? Are any hallux valgus supports available? Why did the doctor test my uric acid levels? Is uric acid value of 5 normal? Doctor has prescribed tablet Etoxib (90 mg) one daily and tablet Sierst one daily. Why have these been prescribed?

A:Hallux valgus is a condition in which the toe forms an angle as in your case. The associated swelling is possibly a corn or similar condition occurring because of uneven pressure. Special supports are available which keep the toe from further forming an angle. In extreme cases surgical options are also considered. The uric acid test may have been asked for as the doctor may have considered uric acid deposition as a cause for the associated swelling. In your case it is normal. I would generally not use pain killers as a long term therapy.


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