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How to manage Gender Identity Syndrome?

Q: I have the problem of Transexualism. Since birth all my feelings (even sexual feelings) and expectations are like a female though I am physically a male and I want to convert to a female physically too. I cannot concentrate on anything and have consulted several psychiatrists. Please advise if this is possible and where can it be done? Also, how long would it take and what would be the cost?

A:You are suffering from a disorder called Gender Identity Syndrome. You should first consult a Clinical Psychologist and a Psychiatrist for treatment. In case they are not able to cure you, they could refer you for gender reassignment surgery (also know as a sex reassignment surgery or SRS). To qualify for this surgery you need the following: a) Certification by a clinical psychologist and psychiatrist, certifying that you have undergone evaluation and counseling sessions and recommending SRS. b) Twelve months of continuous hormone therapy. c) Twelve months of successful continuous full time real life experience living as a female. The SRS involves a series of operations done over a period of 1-2 years listed below: - Penectomy, orchiectomy and vaginal reconstruction - Augmentation mammoplasty - Optional ancillary procedures like Vocal chord surgery; Reduction thyroid chondroplasty; Liposuction of waist; Rhinoplasty etc. The cost may vary from rupees two lakhs to five lakhs at this time, depending upon the number of operations. Please understand that these operations can only change you physically into a female and not biologically. You will also require life-long hormone therapy.


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