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How to manage G6PD deficiency?

Q: I am a male of 28 years. I have 2 past episodes of jaundice at an interval of 6 months. The last one was very severe.I start looking yellowish, don't feel like eating anything and get a sensation of vomiting. I am also not able to control my anger. I have also noticed that in hot season I suffer the most. I am suffering from G-6-PD deficiency and would like to know any preventive measures which could stop such attacks. I get my liver function tests (LFT) done every 3 months and the recent report is: Bilirubin Total 4.3 SGOT 25 SGPT < 40 Sir, please suggest any medical treatment and diet which could improve my health? I regularly have Liv 52 capsules at night ( 2 ).

A:With G6PD deficiency you are likely to suffer only when you are exposed to certain drugs. Obtain a complete list of drugs from a hematologist. When not exposed to these drugs, none of your symptoms are due to G6PD deficiency.


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