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How to manage fungal infection on the nails?

Q: How to determine fungal nail infections? My nails are very much dry, keep on cracking from the tip and tend to loose the skin underneath the nail and on applying oil, look a little better. I was recommended sebifin tablet by my doctor and I am taking it for the past 3 months without much change in the condition of the nails. They are only 20% better. Does the infection take so much time to cure and can I use Sebifin cream also on the nails?

A:The method to prove the presence of a fungus is to take the supposed infected material and examine in KOH solution under the microscope. This is not meant to be done by the patient but should be done by a lab. Sebifin, which generically is terbinafine, is a good treatment for fungal infections of the nail. The cream may be used but would not be as effective. If you have used the treatment for 3 months and have not greatly improved you should go back to the doctor to find the cause of lack of improvement. He should be able to help you.


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