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How to manage difficulty in burping?

Q: Last few days I find it difficult to burp and sometimes during burping, mouthful of mashed food with juice comes out. I have been prescribed by a GP to have Rabifast 20 (Rabiprasole) once a day since yesterday. What should I do? I still find it difficult to burp. I am 35 year old. Stopped my excercise last few months. Dont smoke and dont drink alcohol.

A:Burping as well as difficulty in burping are common symptoms and are usually benign. As you have only had it for a week and are otherwise well, I would do nothing for the moment. The medication that your GP has given you will reduce the acid in your stomach (will help with indigestion) and will do no harm. I would not worry about it as it may make things worse due to anxiety. Remember that if you force yourself to burp then you may bring up food that you have eaten - this is not a problem. On the history that you have given there is no indication for any further investigations at your young age. If your symptoms continue and you lose weight or have any other alarm symptoms - then see your doctor.


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