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How to manage diabetes and a low platelet count?

Q: I am 37 years old. I was diagnosed as Type II diabetic and hyperuricaemia two years back. After losing some weight, controlling my diet and following regular exercises, I have brought my FBS at 105 mg/dl, PPBS at 106 mg/dl and Uric Acid at 6.4. During my routine yearly examination my haemoglobin was found 12.4 and blood platelet count was 1 lakh. I have noticed that my haemoglobin levels remain within 11.4 to 13.2 irrespective of my diet, which contains atleast 1 kg of green vegetables daily. I am perplexed with my platelet count as I am otherwise healthy, follow regular exercises and had a viral fever some two months back. Shall I undergo some more tests to confirm any underlying ailment? I am not on any type of medication but I take Jambo Plum extracts in homeopathic preparation (no dilution but only mother tincture) 1 ml twice daily.

A:I am glad that you are health conscious. The main aim of diabetes treatment is to prevent complications and for that, normal body weight, normal BP and normal metabolic parameters (sugar, lipids etc.) are a must, which you are maintaining and, importantly monitoring. Viral infection can cause transient fall in platelet count. Repeat it on a monthly basis, and if the count is rising there is nothing to worry.


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