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How to manage back ache and disc herniation?

Q: I am suffering from back pain from the past one year. The MRI test report says postero-central herniation shows L4 - L5 disc, with mild to moderate thecal compression. Disc dessication is also seen at L4 – L5 level; sacralization L5; cord terminating at L1 vertebral level. Rest everything is normal. How serious is the problem and what is the cure?

A:I dont think you need to get excessively worried about the report. Disc herniations on MRI scan are quite frequent and is a part of the process of growing old. Similarly back ache is also a very common problem. While there is no need to worry, it does mean that you need to be sensible about your back. Correct posture, regular exercise, avoiding stressing the back by bending, lifting, excessive weight gain should be the practice for the rest of your life.


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