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How to manage arthritis?

Q: My aunty aged 55+ is suffering from pain in the knee and elbow joints and ribs and she cannot walk even 1/4 km. If she tries to walk, she gets severe pain. All her leg joints seem to be loose. Can you please suggest a good medicine or any ointment that can give relief instantly and in the long run. Recently I had taken her to a hospital where she was diagnosed to be diabetic and the doctor said that since it is in a early stage diet control would be better and it can be easily cured. Is it easily curable and what diet should she take? What are the daily exercises she should do? What are the best medicines you suggest for both these ailments.

A:It is not possible to suggest specific medicines for the arthritis, unless one can examine the paient and also determine what exact type of arthritis a patient has. I would therefore suggest that you should take your Aunty to a Rheumatologist- that is, a Physician who specialises in the treatment of arthritis- who will be able to guide you correctly.


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