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How to manage allergy due to xylometazone ointment?

Q: My glans penis is hypersensitive. I therefore have a problem of premature ejaculation. I applied xylometazoline ointment on my penis for three months. I also used condoms to avoid adverse affects on my partner. I used to have sex once a week and it was very enjoyable. First time my partner experienced orgasm during this period. I used to wash my penis immediately after having sex. However, recently I have developed some irritation on the top portion of my penis. It has developed reddish spots, which are very irritating. I have applied different anti fungal creams. They reduce irritation but the problem recurs once I stop using them. The problem also recurs when I have sex with my partner. For the past one month I have not had sex. Please advise what to do?

A:Glans penis is the sensitive part of male genitalia. If sex is initiated without stimulating the partner with pre-sex activity, it may lead to premature ejaculation. The female receptive organ may not be lubricated, hence hurriedly initiated act leads to premature ejaculation. Regarding your problem of irritation after applying topically xylometazoline and condom use could be due to allergy to xylometazoline or less likely even to condom. Oily lubricants are generally avoided with condoms of latex, only liquid based lubricants can be used. In your case, stop applying xylometazoline first. Apply Flutivate cream once daily for 7 days and then stop. Hopefully it will take care of your problem, if not consult a dermatologist. Sometimes, condoms do cause allergy also. If later on after stopping topical xylometazoline, problems do recur again, probably it is due to condom. In that case, simple condoms like Kohinoor pink or Nirodh, which do not have fragrance, may be more suitable for you.


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