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How to maintain healthy drinking habits?

Q: If a 40 years old man likes to have whisky (180ml) with water and normal salad daily, will it turn to alcoholism or any other adverse reaction? What should be his food habits? Are salads enough along with the drink, or does he require anything else? What if the drink is taken with soda or any other aerated drinks? Can that person continue to have this drink even at later age? How should that be designed according to the age and what should be the limits for quantity?

A:The preferred restriction for the quantity of the drink should be up to 60 ml, as 180 ml per day can lead to ailments and alcoholism. Water is the best additive option for any alcohol. Salads in plenty without salt are very good. Simple non-spicy food will avoid any adverse stomach ailments after an intake of alcohol (a major irritant to the stomach). Salads are enough to be taken along with the drink. Please don't mix soda/aerated drinks with alcohol. Restrict the quantity to 60 ml at all times, from now to old age. The lesser the quantity of alcohol, the better it is for health. Exercise, modify your diet as per preferences and weight, good sleep and peace of mind and above all, happiness are important for a healthy life.


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