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How to handle drastic fluctuations in my weight?

Q: From being underweight and anaemic all my life, at 25 now, I weigh around 60 kgs. Looking at my weight cycle in the past 2 yrs, I have been 56 kgs, lost 12 kgs in the next month, gone down to 42 kgs, weighed around 47 kgs and then again gained 8 kgs. My eating habits are constant along with my daily activities. I went in for a Thyroid test in which the T3 & T4 values were normal but TSH came out around 7. I am worried about the drastic changes in my weight in such short spans. Please let me know what can I do to go back to normal?

A:Weight cycling, is defined as weight loss followed by subsequent regain of the lost weight. It is a phenomenon most often seen in overweight or obese individuals. But it is important to know why this is occurring - is your diet inadequate, or your activity levels are greater or is there an underlying medical problem contributing to the situation? You should consult a physician and discuss the fluctuating weight to ensure nothing is overlooked that may need further advice, investigation or treatment.


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