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How to deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation?

Q: We have been married for some time now but we have been really serious regarding having a baby over the last 3-4 months only. Our sex life has been quite satisfying and pretty normal - 2-3 times in a week. In this context, we require your advice at the earliest: 1. Pl. mention any proven steps/ medicines/ diet (with no side effects)that may be taken by me specifically for the purpose of sustaining the sex urge longer as well as for more sustained and longer erection. Also often, we do not reach orgasmic level. 2. My wife took Clofert tablets last month from the 5th day after her period for 5 days. But her period this month was on the expected date. Can she continue to take Clofert for 1-2 months more, if required? 3. Despite sex, I do masturbate sometimes (once in 2-3 days) also. Is there anything wrong with this and/or does it reduce the sex drive etc. 4. Pl. suggest some typical Indian foods for a good sex urge and experience. Pl. advise me urgently.

A:Apparently, you have problems of erectile dysfunciton (ED) and premature ejaculation (PME). Both these conditions can occur due to a variety of problems (diseases, psychological factors). As these require detailed examination and investigations, please consult a urologist/ and urologist personally. Quite often, both these conditions are treatable. Regarding foods etc. enchancing sexual urge, very often it is a myth and has no scientific basis. Onions and garlic are supposed to enhance this urge but I dont subscribe to this theory. The problem of infertility needs detailed investigations of both the partners.


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