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How to correct a scaphoid shaped chest?

Q: I am 20 years old, 5'11' in height, and my full body shape is perfect, but I have a scaphoid shaped chest. Please give any idea about how to overcome the problem, any exercises?

A:The correction of your deformity will be obtained by progressive re-education of bad posture. It includes:

  • General relaxation of the whole body.
  • Try and get the feel of the correct posture passively by a physiotherapist and learn to maintain it at regular intervals till correction becomes automatic.
  • Free mobility and strengthening exercises for your chest. a) Shoulder shrugging - Shrug your shoulder. Hold and relax. b) Shoulder Bracing - Keep your elbows bent with palms facing upwards. Push elbows back. Hold and relax. c) Shoulder circling -Keep your fingers on shoulders and rotate elbows in circular manner. d) Deep breathing exercises. e) Keep a book on your head and walk straight, balancing the book. I hope these tips help you to overcome your problem.


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