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How should I remain healthy?

Q: I am a 20 year old girl studying engineering. My height is 5.5 inches, I am a south Indian girl, so have rice and sambar during lunch and dinner, along with some side dishes made of green vegetables, also with curds, though sometimes I miss lunch or dinner, I do have something during that day. Is it okay to have 1/2 spoon of ghee along with sambar? Will that keep me healthy? I am totally confused as whether the ghee contains fat or cholesterol? At my age can I consume ghee with sambar? I don't drink milk nor take any dairy products apart from ghee. Does taking 1/2 glass of coffee 4 times a day very bad for health? All this is when I am in my house, whereas in my hostel I have a regular breakfast, lunch, dinner, one glass of coffee in the morning and one glass of tea in the evening, the lunch and dinner consists of 2 chappatis, rice and sambar with side dishes and one papad, and curd rice. Since I am sometimes in the house and sometimes in the hostel, the routine gets varied, is it bad and will it affect my body? What is better, to have lunch and dinner for the sake of filling of stomach though with good food or to have lunch and dinner with proper diet and to have proper diet I think we wont be filling our stomach and we will be left with half hungry stomach. Kindly give me which is the best options among the two? I also want to know the difference between sleeping early and getting up early and to sleep late and get up late in the morning. In any case we will be following the same routine, so kindly clear this doubt.

A:1(a) Your mind seems to be confused than your food plan. 1(b) You can safely take 2 tbsp of ghee per day in your meals. 2. Two cups of coffee per day are sufficient. 3. Your home diet should also include vegetable salad and seasonal fruits, you should not skip breakfast or lunch, it can be in the form of salads, sandwiches and fruits, sometime if not possible to take full meals there is no harm taking food hot, you can either heat it yourself or keep it in thermos contained tiffin carriers. 4. It is good to eat food with family. 5. You can continue your hostel routine at home, if possible which is giving you good diet. 6. Brisk walking is very good for health, but you must play outdoor games also. 7. "Early to bed, early to rise" is best to keep you in good health and spirits.


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