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How serious are human bites?

Q: I have been bitten by a girl on my tongue a month back while kissing. A lot of blood came out so I immediately had a tetanus injection and antibiotics for 10 days. However, though 70 percent of it is fine but there is slight swelling under the tongue and blisters. There is no pus or blood but a slight painful lump under the tongue, which only can be felt not seen. How long will it take to heal my tongue properly, and which field of doctor should I go to get a check-up?

A:Human bites are generally quite serious because of the numerous bacteria present in our mouths that can get carried into the wound that results from the human bite. Getting a tetanus immunisation and a course of broad-spectrum antibiotic is the correct treatment. It is likely that the lump you feel is a residual blood clot or haematoma and should resolve over the next 1-2 months. It is important to remember that sometimes if there is scar tissue formation the small swelling may always remain and is no cause for concern. If you are still concerned about this lesion you could seen an ENT physician. No treatment is necessary at this time.


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